2021 Diversity Summit

Diversity/Inclusion: Theory to Practice

Transforming Individuals, Institutions, and Communities: Post Pandemic

November 4-5, 2021

(Thursday and Friday)

Virtual event hosted by UNM-Gallup

Please join us in discussions with various speakers on the topics of equity, inclusion, awareness, understanding and acceptance. The goal is to provide information to take back and apply at your institution.

Purpose of the Conference



To initiate discussions and provide a practical application on how New Mexico's institutions of higher education can serve an increasingly diverse student population.



To explore Diversity on a number of levels, how we practice it in our community, how it connects with community activism and how it reflects itself in culture.



To provide professional opportunity for networking and the sharing of information.

Conference Topics

Supporting Faculty and Staff

Diversifying the curriculum/conversation

What is Critical Race Theory, and does it compliment or contradict academic freedom

Trauma Impact on faculty, students, individuals, communities, institutions

Diversity and the Youth Voice

Implicit Bias and Microaggression

Individuals: Strengths gained from overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, and how do these skills increase inclusivity in our communities and institutions

Systemic Racism and Social Injustice

The consequence of hateful rhetoric

Student Community: Which strengths have the Student Community relied upon for overcoming the challenges

Diversity and Community Building

The Anthropology of Racism: Manifestations in Modern America Society

Leadership in unfamiliar times challenges and accomplishments

Promising Practices in Diversity Education Serving Native American Populations

Students issues resulting from pandemic and post pandemic

Branch Campus/Community resources/Collaboration

Indigenous/Traditional Wisdom for Resilient Communities

The relationship between Diversity, HR, and Institutional Research

STEM Community: Strengths the STEM Community relied upon for overcoming the challenges of the pandemic

Workforce training (WIOA) in short term credential skills putting individuals back to work

A discussion on understanding what is behind the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Pros and Cons

100% Power Hour New Mexico Initiative

Words have meaning and consequences

LGBTQ Community challenges of the pandemic. Understanding and awareness of some of the Acronyms

Dual Credit: High school students included in the higher education landscape and culture, the challenges and accomplishments