Lowell Bautista

Assistant Professor of Nursing
University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus


Lowell Bautista is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at UNM Gallup's nursing program. He coordinates the High Fidelity Simulation lab and teaches Pathophysiology 1. His background includes Medical-Surgical Nursing.

Conference Topic:

Nursing Student issues resulting from the pandemic


This presentation will focus on unrepresentative and diversity nursing students' issues resulting from the pandemic. We will discuss:

  • Wifi access that gives reliable signal
  • Laptops
  • Skills to access Web-based courses
  • Virtual clinicals
  • Issues related to missing clinicals, missing online virtual classes
  • Rural/Reservation living situations that could affect access to classes.

Other Speakers on this presentation:

Sarah Llanque, Cecile Perales