Stephanie M. Sánchez

Associate Director
UNM Center for Teaching and Learning


Stephanie M. Sánchez is Associate Director for student learning at the UNM Center for Teaching and Learning and adjunct faculty in the UNM Chicana/o Studies Department. Stephanie’s work focuses on undergraduate and graduate student development and the ways in which culture and asset-based pedagogies impact student outcomes.

Conference Topic:

Moving Beyond Impostor Syndrome


Through a collaboration between HSLIC and CTL facilitators will discuss impostor syndrome which is the inability to see one’s own successes as legitimately deserved despite all evidence to the contrary. While impostor syndrome is a common experience among adults, how are feelings of impostorism different from experiences of othering, minority status stress, or perceived discrimination? In this workshop, we will discuss impostor syndrome, the mediated effects of marginalization and discrimination, and ways to manage both.

Other Speaker on this presentation:

Kelleen Maluski