Tracy Lassiter

Assistant Professor of English
University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus


Dr. Tracy Lassiter is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of New Mexico-Gallup. She has written and presented widely on pedagogy, but specifically on trauma and trauma informed practices since 2018. She was recognized as UNM's Branch Campus Tenure-Track Teacher of the Year for 2020-21.

Conference Topic:

Trauma Impact on faculty, students, individuals, communities, institutions


While ACEs studies show that traumatic experiences occur widely in our society, the pandemic caused its own trauma across society more pervasively. This presentation considers how COVID-19 might have impacted us socially -- and personally -- than we realized. Certainly, it has impacted our students as well. We explore the scholarship around pandemic-related trauma and consider what we can do to manage its consequences for others and for ourselves.