Sun and wind abound on the Colorado High Desert Plateau and dedicated advocates of the Green movement in our region are making progress in harnessing these resources for light, heat and energy. At UNM-Gallup, we're expanding our efforts to help our students become party of the Green movement, as well as to be a leader in educating and advocating for a more sustainable future.

Home-shooled students

Local home-schooled students learned how to solder photovoltaic cells to make their own solar panels out of recycled materials at a workshop held on campus in May.

Chris Chavez, co-chair with Transitional Studies Faculty Erica McFadeen, of the branch campus's Sustainability Committee, also teaches a class in Green Building. One of their projects was an 8X11-foot utility shed made of largely recycled materials, all of which can easily be obtained locally. The structure was built for a cost of $4000, with recycled denim jeans for insulation, flooring from recycled plastic cartons, and paint - and maintenance - free siding.

Construction Technology Instructor Chris Chavez


Other Projects:

  • Green Building Class working on another Habitat For Humanity House, using Green construction techniques.
  • Thermal Imaging Workshops.

For more information contact Chris Chavez, (505) 863-7544 - Construction Technology Dept.