AA Human Services, Concentration in Family Studies

Associate of Arts in Human Services, Concentration in Family Studies (68 credits)

The 68 credit hours Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Human Services prepares students to work with diverse individuals, families, groups, and communities and to pursue further study in social work or a related field. Students have the option of focusing on one of the two concentrations: Family Studies and Substance Abuse.

The concentration in Family Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the well-being and healthy development of individuals and families over the life span. Cultural competency in family life education and the role of human services providers builds a foundation for further study in social work or a related field or entry work in human services. Students interested in transferring to the B.S. in Family and Child studies at UNM, please visit the following link: https://coe.unm.edu/departments-programs/ifce/family-child-studies/undergraduate-programs.html

Courses earned for the AA degree in Human Services will be accepted toward the baccalaureate degree in Social Work (BSW) from the following CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) accredited programs: Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico State University and Western New Mexico University


Writing and Speaking: (9 credits)
ENGL 110 Accelerated Composition 3cr
ENGL 120 Composition III
CJ 130 Public Speaking OR
CJ 221 Interpersonal Communication
Behavioral & Social Science: (9 credits)
Choose from POLS 200, PSY 105, SOC 101, ANTH 101, 130, and ECON 105
Fine Arts & Humanities: (9 credits)
Choose from: HIST 101, 102, 161, PHIL 101, ARCH 101, ARTH 101, 201, 202, ENGL 150 and AMST 186
Mathematics: (3 credits)
Choose from MATH 121, 129 or STAT 145
Physical and Natural Sciences: (8 credits)
Choose from: BIOL 110/112L, 123/124L, CHEM 111, 121/123L, GEOG 101, EPS 101/105L, ENVS 101, PHYC 151/151L, 152/152L and ASTR 101/101L.
Second Language: (6 credits) Language other than English
Additional Requirements: (3 credits)
IT 101 Computer Fundamentals 3cr
FAMILY STUDY CORE: (21 credits)
HS 101 Introduction to Human Services 3cr
HS 105 Group Dynamics 3cr
HCHS 140 Introduction to Substance Abuse 3cr
FS 213 Marriage & Family Relations 3cr
FS 281 Introduction to Family Studies 3cr
HS 280 Internship in Human Resources 3cr
HS 281 Professional Issues in Human Services 3cr


Recommended Course Sequence for full-time Students (part-time Students should see an Academic Advisor to customize their educational plan)

Term 1 - 9cr/hrs

ENGL 110 - 3cr
HS 101 - 3cr
Social/Behavioral Science - 3cr

Term 2 - 12cr/hrs

ENGL 120 - 3cr
CJ 130 or 221 - 3cr
HS 105 - 3cr
Social/Behavioral Science - 3cr

Term 3 - 13cr/hrs

Math - 3cr
Social/Behavioral Science - 3cr
Physical & Natural Science - 4cr
HCHS 140 - 3cr

Term 4 - 13cr/hrs

Second Language - 3cr
IT 101 - 3cr
Physical & Natural Science - 4cr
FS 281 - 3cr

Term 5 - 12cr/hrs

Fine Arts/Humanities - 3cr
Fine Arts/Humanities - 3cr
Second Language - 3cr
FS 213 - 3cr

Term 6 - 9cr/hrs

HS 280 - 3cr
HS 281 - 3cr
Fine Arts/Humanities - 3cr

Note: Students wishing to take fewer courses must speak with the Human Services faculty and Academic Advisor for an appropriate program completion plan.

AA Human Services

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