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May 28, 2020 - The UNM-Gallup bookstore will offer curbside pickup for students beginning today (5/28) through June 5 with some important requirements in place during our period of limited operations:

From Rose: Be patient and kind, we will get to everyone during this difficult time.

  1. Send your request to
    1. Name and phone number
    2. Course #
    3. Section #
    4. Instructor’s name
  2. We will call you to schedule a time for your pickup (please have cash or credit card ready when picking up order). Anyone that is approved to charge their textbooks using a third party for the summer semester will be contacted by our Bursars office.

    • Note for Credit Card Purchases:
      • Cardholder MUST be present at the time of the purchase.
      • Student can ONLY use credit card issued in their name.
      • ALL credit card purchases must have ID (license or student ID)
    • Credit Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover (Must have physical card on hand). No Checks are accepted as a form of payment at the UNM-Gallup Bookstore
  3. When you arrive to pick up your order, please park in the parking lot in front of the Gurley Hall area.
    1. Once parked, call 863-7505 to check-in
    2. When we call you back, we will ask you to drive up front near the loading area. Give minor details of vehicle (color, make & model). Do not get out of the vehicle.
    3. Bookstore Staff will ask for your picture ID when they deliver the books to you at the curbside.
    4. Please have face mask on when picking up orders. (Bookstore will not approach a vehicle, if student does not have mask on). Greatly appreciated

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