OMPA Certificate Program

Certificate in Organizational Management & Public Administration (OMPA) (33 Credits)

The Certificate in Organizational Management & Public Administration (OMPA) will prepare students for developing knowledge of communication, management, organizational skills, and the fundamental nature of public administration.

Minimum acceptable grade for courses in this program is C, not C

Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.


Writing and Speaking: (6 credits)
ENGL 110 Accelerated Composition 3cr
English 219 Technical and Professional Writing 3cr
Mathematics: (3 credits)
Math 120 Intermediate Algebra 3cr

CJ 130 Public Speaking 3cr
CJ 221 Interpersonal Communication 3cr
CRP 165 Community Regional Planning OR3cr
CRP 181 Introduction to Environmental Problems
CS 150L Computing for Business Students 3cr
ECON 106 Introductory Microeconomics 3cr
MGMT 101 Fundamentals of Accounting 3cr
MGMT 113 Management: An Intro 3cr
MGMT 222 Introduction to Marketing OR 3cr
MGMT 158 Ethics in Organizations

OMPA Certificate Program


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Business Management & Technology Division:
(505) 863-7511.

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