Accessibility Resource Center

The mission of the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) at UNM-G is to provide assistance and support to students with verified disabilities to equalize their opportunities to successfully access UNM-G programs and services, including instructional programs, student services and extracurricular activities. UNM-G operates an integrated program and services model to maximize and simplify students' opportunities for success.

ARC Gurley Hall
ARC Welcome Area

ARC Welcome Area

The staff of the ARC is committed to the purpose of serving students with disabilities at the University. Student success is our goal and that Student Service is clear in the manner by which we deliver services. As the University continues to move forward with the use of technology to enhance the teaching/learning process, ARC has followed this path and utilizes assistive technology to improve access and opportunities for student success.

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For more information contact the Accessibility Resource Center (505) 863-7527

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UNM-G Contact for 504/ADA Compliance and referral to main campus coordinator:

Mary Lou Mraz,
UNM Student Success Specialist
(505) 863-7527

UNM-G Contact for Title IX and referral to main campus coordinator:

Jayme McMahon, Director of Student Affairs
(505) 863-7508

UNM Main Campus Title IX Coordinator

Heather Cowan, Title IX Coordinator
(505) 277-5251

Office of Equal Opportunity