Carlos Lopez Leiva

Associate Professor
University of New Mexico-Main Campus

Carlos A. López Leiva is an Associate Professor in Bilingual and Mathematics Education in the Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies at the University of New Mexico, whose work focuses on teaching and learning ecologies—in relation to social interactions through language uses and ideologies, task designs, relationship development, and what counts as mathematics—that mediate members’ participation in and meaning making of mathematical practices. His research comprises three foci: (1) Issues of Equity in Social Interactions, (2) Out-of-School Interdisciplinary Mathematics Teaching and Learning, and (3) In-School Interdisciplinary Mathematics Teaching and Learning.

Conference Topic:

Diversity and the Youth Voice


The presentation entitled, "College Hispanic/Latinx students navigating STEM programs" describes the experiences and perspectives of 20 college students in STEM programs, who identify as Hispanic/Latinx. Results of phenomenological interviews revealed big differences within this group not only in terms of being first generation students, or not, but also about how they accessed social, academic, and financial support while in college. Some specific cases will be discussed to foreground recommendations.