First Responder/Emergency Medical Responder Training
(6 Credit Hours)

Information for Students

First Responder/Emergency Medical Responder Training Description

This 80-hour course is designed specifically for personnel who are first at the scene of an accident or emergency. This course offers a foundation for entry-level and advanced EMS courses.

Short-Term Certificate Program requirements

First Responder (Emergency Medical Responder): Consists of one required section (EMS 106) for a total of 6 credit hours. The course consists of coursework/lectures, performing skills, and the bases of patient assessment. Students must be 16 years old by the first day of class to be eligible to register with parents’ permission. Students must complete all the following requirements within the first two weeks of class to be eligible for a course completion certificate:

  • Current Driver’s License or State issued ID
  • Health Insurance
  • Current Healthcare provider CPR

Students under the age of 17 who complete this class and wish to license in New Mexico will be required to submit, with their licensing application to the state of NM the following: notarized parental consent, verification of affiliation with an EMS/fire service and approval from that service's or department's Director or Chief.