Health Information Technology

About UNM-Gallup Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology Program Mission Statement

"The University of New Mexico-Gallup Health Information Technology Program develops Health Information Professionals,to become an integral part of the healthcare delivery system, through demonstrated competencies, while maintaining cultural sensitivity, and confidentiality for all communities served."
Modified and accepted by Advisory Committee on 4/29/2016

The Health information Technology program can be completed 100% online for HCHT courses with the exception of HCHT 233 professional practicum which is completed at a site. For those students who are not in the Gallup area they need to contact Roseanna McGinn / HIT Director, a year prior to taking that course for other options.


Summary of Attrition/Retention/Completion

Overall, 13 students (26.53%) of the Fall 2018 cohort graduated with an AS-HIT degree by Fall 2020, leaving 35 students (71.43%) who did not graduate (in any program) between Spring 2019 and Fall 2020. The majority of graduates were part-time students and graduated with an AS-HIT degree.

34 students (97.14%) of the Fall 2018 cohort who did not graduate (N=35) remained enrolled in the AS HIT program between Spring 2019 and Fall 2020 (enrolled at any point), and 1 (2.86%) student who did not graduate was not enrolled at all between Spring 2019 and Fall 2020. Overall, retention for both part time and full time students who have not yet graduated was very high at 97.14%. Note that COVID-19 impacted students' ability to graduate and continue with courses from spring 2020 through fall 2020, leaving graduation rates slightly lower than usual.