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Office hours:

Monday - Friday:
8:00am - 6:00pm

Location: Student Services Technology Center (SSTC) 226

Phone: (505) 863-7706

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Student Services Academic Advisors

Shynal Robinson

Shynal Robinson

Academic Advisor

(505) 863-7746
SSTC 258

Student's Last Name A-D

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Student Success Manager

(505) 863-7534
SSTC 256

Student's Last Name E-K

Sheryl Luther

Sheryl Luther

Senior Academic Advisor

(505) 863-7660
SSTC 252

Student's Last Name L-R

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

Mary Lou Mraz

Mary Lou Mraz

ARC - Student Success Specialist

(505) 863-7527
Gurley Hall 1127

Find Office hours and more information on the Accessibility Resource Center webpage

TRIO/SSS program

Sophia Francisco

Sophia Francisco

Sr. Student Program Advisor

(505) 863-7512
Gurley Hall 1136

Kimimila Simms

Kimimila Simms

TRIO Program Director

(505) 863-7654
Gurley Hall 1139

Find Office hours and more information on the TRIO/SSS webpage

Pre-Nursing to Nursing

Tonya Thacker

Tonya Thacker

Senior Student Success Associate

(505) 863-7599
GNCC 142

Find Office hours and more information on the Nursing webpage

All New & Current Students - Appointment only.