Certificate in Dental Assisting
(40 Credits)

Information for Current and Future Students


HCHS 111Medical Terminology3cr hours3 lecture
HCHS 113Basic Body Structure & Function I4cr hours4 lecture

Semester One (Fall):

HCDA 101Introduction to Dental Assisting3cr hours1 lec
2 lab
HCDA 120Pre-Clinical Dental
4cr hours2 lec
2 lab
HCDA 140Preventive Dentistry3cr hours1 lec
2 lab
HCDA 110Ethics and Professionalism3cr hours3 lecture
HLED 1115American Heart Association
1cr hours

Semester Two (Spring):

HCDA 130Dental Radiology3cr hours1 lec
2 lab
HCDA 125Pre-Clinical III3cr hours1 lec
2 lab
HCDA 164Seminar in Dental Assisting3cr hours3 lecture
HCDA 135UNMG Clinical3cr hours1 lec
2 lab

Semester Three (Summer):

HCDA 145Clinical Dental Assisting I3cr hours3 lab
HCDA 155Clinical Dental Assisting II4cr hours4 lab

FOR ADVISEMENT: Contact the Advisement Center at (505) 863-7706

Course transferability:

Medical Terminology, Basic Body Structure and Function, and BLS CPR are requirements in other health career programs and may transfer to those programs.