Eric Romero, Ph.D.

Faculty/ Interim Chair: Department of Languages and Culture
New Mexico Highlands University



  • Faculty/ Interim Chair: Department of Languages and Culture.



  • Chair: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council
  • Senior Associate: Center for the Study and Education of Diverse Populations (CESDP)
  • Interim Director: Center for the Study of Northern New Mexico and the Greater Southwest



Ph. D. University of Arizona, Major emphasis; Social-Cultural Anthropology: Minor emphasis; Language, Reading and Culture, {School of Education}

M.A.: Escuela Nacional de Antropolgía E Historia, México City, México, Social Anthropology (Administrative Graduate)

  1. A. University of Colorado Major; Anthropology, Minor; Chicana/o Studies


Research Interests:

Chicana/o ethnic identity formation, southwestern sociolinguistics, heritage language revitalization, Hispanic land grant and acequia communities, immigration, U.S./Mexico Relations and Border, Becas Para Aztlán program history, place-making and rural land use behaviors, Native American and Mestizaje traditions, New Mexico food traditions

Conference Topic:

Strategic Planning for Community Engagement and Incorporating Local Funds of Knowledge


The presentation will frame an “Engaged Scholarship” model for faculty members to be more directly articulated with local community needs, assets and knowledge for instruction, research and service. This direction includes many place-based education strategies. Many university systems are adopting “Engaged Scholarship” as accepted criteria for Promotion and Tenure.

Other Speakers on this presentation:

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Adrian I. Sandoval