Sarah Llanque

Assistant Professor of Nursing
University of New Mexico-Gallup Campus



Sarah Llanque is an Assistant Professor of Nursing at UNM Gallup's nursing program. She teaches in Level 1. Her background is gerontological nursing and Family Nurse Practitioner.

Conference Topic:

Nursing Student issues resulting from the pandemic


This presentation will focus on unrepresentative and diversity nursing students' issues resulting from the pandemic. We will discuss:

  • Wifi access that gives reliable signal
  • Laptops
  • Skills to access Web-based courses
  • Virtual clinicals
  • Issues related to missing clinicals, missing online virtual classes
  • Rural/Reservation living situations that could affect access to classes.

Other Speakers on this presentation:

Cecille Perales

Lowell Bautista

Conference Topic:

Promising Practices in Diversity Education Serving Native American Populations


This presentation discusses promising practices in math education serving Dine students. Teaching math to students whose first language is Dine can pose as a challenge. Dine is a descriptive language and uses descriptive words to teach math, while the English language, utilizes symbols to teach math to students. Promising practices that can serve Dine students and help with math education are discussed in this presentation. For example, showing step-by-step procedures for working out each math problem can help bridge the gap of knowledge for these students. Additionally, using examples of how math was used in ancient Indigenous cultures can help empower Dine students as well as other Indigenous students. The integration of indigenous culture in teaching math, can allow students to be co-creators of knowledge in mathematics. Indigenous mathematics can a valuable tool for closing knowledge gap in math for Dine and Indigenous learners.

Other Speaker on this presentation:

John White