Certificate in Human Services
(30 Credits)

Information for Current and Future Students

The 30 credit hour Certificate in Human Services introduces students to the Human Services field, enhances a student’s ability to obtain or maintain employment in a Human Services related field, and provides a foundation for further study in Human Services with a concentration in Child and Family Studies or Substance Abuse.

Consult with your advisor for current transferability information.


Communications (6):

English 1120, plus an additional course chosen from Communication 1130; English 2120, 2210; Philosophy 1120; University Honors 201. Students who do not place into English 1120 may apply the credit hours from the prerequisite English 1110 (or the equivalent English 1110Y or English 1110Z) to help fulfill requirements (see below).6cr

Mathematics & Statistics (3):

One course at the appropriate level determined by placement: Mathematics 1130, 1220, 1240, 1250, 1350, 1430, 1440, 1512, 1522, 2118; University Honors 202.3cr

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3):

Africana Studies 1120; American Studies 1110, 1140; Anthropology 1115, 1140, 1155, 2175; Chicana and Chicano Studies 1110; Community and Regional Planning 181; Economics 2110, 2120; Engineering 200; Film and Digital Media Arts 1520; Geography 1165, 217; Linguistics 2110; Mechanical Engineering 217; Political Science 1120, 1140, 2110, 2120; Psychology 1110; Public Health 101, 102; Sociology 1110, 2315; University Honors 204.3cr

Second Language (3):

A second language course chosen from regular language offerings in UNM departments including (but not limited to) Foreign Languages and Literatures, Linguistics, and Spanish and Portuguese. Students will follow departmental guidelines on placement in the appropriate language course level. Languages regularly offered at UNM include (but are not limited to): American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Classical Greek, English (for qualified international students who learned English as a second language), Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Navajo, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili.3cr

Arts and Design (3):

One course chosen from the following courses: Architecture 1120; Art History 1120, 2110, 2120; Dance 1110; Fine Art 284; Film and Digital Media Arts 1520, 2110; Music 1120, 1130; Theatre 1110; University Honors 207. Alternatively, students may elect to take one 3-credit hour studio course offered by the Departments of Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, or Theatre and Dance to fulfill this requirement. Completion of prerequisites for the studio course is required as necessary.3cr


BCIS 1110Fundamentals of Information Literacy and Systems3cr
SOWK 2110Introduction to Human Services and Social Work3cr
HCHS 140Introduction to Substance Abuse3cr
Core course from either the Substance Abuse or Family Studies Concentration as listed in Associate of Arts programs3cr

FOR ADVISEMENT: Contact the Advisement Center at (505) 863-7706