Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology
(71 credits)

Information for Current and Future Students

Medical laboratory technicians collect, process and analyze specimens (blood, urine, other body fluids, tissue samples) for microscopic, chemical, hematologic, immunologic and microbial testing or transfusion services. The array of complex laboratory tests is significant in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease and also in health and wellness promotion.

The MLT Program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) since 1986. A student completing the program is eligible to take the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) Examination.

Interested students must first be admitted to UNM Gallup before applying to the MLT program. General education prerequisite courses must preferably be completed prior to acceptance to the program. A grade of C or better is required in all courses. Deadline for submissions of application to the MLT program is June 1st for Fall; and October 1st for Spring. Students are admitted each regular semester based on a selection criteria. Priority is given to continuing students who are in good academic standing. Students are required to complete all professional coursework within a five-year time period.


Communications (6):

ENGL 1110 Composition I 3cr
ENGL 1120
   COMM 2120
Composition II OR
   Interpersonal Communication

Fine Arts/Humanities (3)

For required courses, refer to the UNM Core Curriculum. 3cr

Mathematics/Physical and Natural Sciences (11)

Choose 3 credits from MATH 1350 Introduction to Statistics, MATH 1240 Pre-Calculus , MATH 1220 College Algebra 3cr
Choose 8 credits from CHEM 1120 Introduction to Chemistry for Non-Majors Lecture and Laboratory, CHEM 1215/1215L General Chemistry I for STEM Majors, CHEM 1225/1225L General Chemistry II for STEM Majors, CHEM 2120 Integrated Organic and Biochemistry 8cr

Biology (8):

Choose from BIOL 1140/1140L Biology for Health Sciences, BIOL 1310/1310L Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology I, BIOL 1320 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology II, BIOL 2210 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, BIOL 2225 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 8cr

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6)

For required courses, refer to the UNM Core Curriculum. 6cr

Health/Physical Education (2)

For required courses, refer to the UNM Core Curriculum. 2cr

Health Sciences (1):

HCHS 101 Phlebotomy 1cr


MLT 111 Intro to Basic Laboratory Skills, Urinalysis and Body Fluids* 4cr
MLT 112 Clinical Practicum: Phlebotomy* 1cr
MLT 211 Clinical Hematology & Coagulation*** 4cr
MLT 214 Clinical Microbiology** 5cr
MLT 216 Clinical Chemistry ** 4cr
MLT 219 Immunohematology and Serology*** 4cr
MLT 271 Directed Clinical Practicum I* 4cr
MLT 281 Directed Clinical Practicum II* 6cr
MLT 291 Preparation for MLT Board Exam* 2cr

*Offered in fall and spring semesters
**Offered in fall semester only
***Offered in spring semester only

Recommended Plan of Study

Fall (year 1):

ENGL 1110 3cr
MATH 1220 or MATH 1350 or MATH 1240 3cr
Fine Arts/Humanities 3cr
BIOL 1310/1310L 4cr
Health/PE 2cr

Spring (year 1):

ENGL 1120 or COMM 2120 3cr
CHEM 1120 4cr
BIOL 1320 4cr
Social/ Behavioral Science 3cr
HCHS 101 1cr

Summer (year 1):

Social/ Behavioral Science 3cr

Fall (year 2):

MLT 111 4cr
MLT 214 5cr
MLT 216 4cr

Spring (year 2):

CHEM 2120 4cr
MLT 211 4cr
MLT 219 4cr

Fall (year 3):

MLT 112 1cr
MLT 271 4cr
MLT 281 6cr
MLT 291 2cr

FOR ADVISEMENT: Contact the Advisement Center at (505) 863-7706