Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
(8 Credit Hours)

(Ineligible for Federal Financial Aid)

General Information

The Certified Nurse Aide 101 (CNA101) is a 16-week, 8 credit hour course. To enroll, students must:

  • Apply for admission to University of New Mexico-Gallup Branch through the Admissions Office
  • Meet Accuplacer eligibility
    • Student must test into Math099 and English 100
  • Meet with an advisor at UNM-Gallup to get permission to register for CNA101
  • Register for the class on dates specified by admissions.

This course meets federal and state requirements and qualifies individuals to take the State Certification Examination. Law requires this training and certification for individuals employed as nurse aides in long term care facilities.

Our course has determined it meets Professional Licensure requirements in New Mexico and Arizona. It has not determined if it meets requirements in any other states.

Faculty and students must follow the policies and procedures currently promulgated in the clinical facilities during clinical rotations, including vaccination requirements. The clinical facilities are independent of UNM and can impose their own requirements separate from UNM's policies and procedures. These clinical facility policies are subject to change without further notice to the program.

Course Description

CNA101 prepares students with skills required in the care of the sick and infirm under the supervision of an RN (Registered Nurse), LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), or other health professional in nursing homes, hospitals, home care agencies and skilled care facilities.

Prerequisites: Students must test into Math099 and ENGL100.

Semester offered: Fall, Spring,

Certification Exam

Upon successful completion of the course students have the option to take the State Certification Examination.

Nursing Assistant: (8 Credits)

CNA 101Certified Nursing Assistant8