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March 30, 2020 -We are moving courses to an online format. No course currently in progress will be offered in-person through the end of this semester. If you are currently enrolled in a face-to-face course, plan to receive instructions and content via UNM Learn or email from your instructor. The goal is to be fully functional online by Monday, April 6.

It’s important for you to be in contact with your instructor(s) during this transition period by email. Other campus resources are outlined at the end of this document for you. If you are unable to connect to online content, please contact UNM Learn support at or (505) 277-0857 /

We are ensuring that any student nearing degree completion will be able to finish.

Student Services and Support Resources

Registration and Admissions:

Contact Your Advisor
Schedule an Appointment

Student How-To Guide

Financial Aid:

General inquiries, not intended for messages with sensitive information

VA Benefits:

Accessing Online Course Content:
UNM Learn

Center for Academic Learning:

Center for Teaching and Learning

Center for Digital Learning

Zollinger Library


Credit/No-Credit (CR/NC)

To opt in to a CR/NC grade mode (no fee or charge):

See for details, but the process is:

  1. Send an email from your email or email account to your instructor’s or email account.
  2. The subject line of the email should read: Request Grade Mode Change
  3. The content of your e-mail should:
    • request the grade mode change to CR/NC;
    • include your UNM ID;
    • include the CRN and course code of the course for which CR/NC grading is being requested (e.g. 51234 ENGL 1110).
    • include the CRN and course code of the course for which CR/NC grading is being requested (e.g. 51234 ENGL 1110).
  4. The instructor will approve the request and send it to the UNM Registrar, copying you. The Registrar will not charge students for the change to CR/NC grades, nor will the Registrar charge if a student dropped courses and wishes reinstatement.

Student Q&A on CR/NC

Online Resource

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Student Resources

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